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All India Business Owners Database

All India Business Owners Database contains database of people who are doing their own business and holding positions like Directors, CEOs, CTOs, CFOs, etc. This database is used for B2B and B2C business plans. People looking for B2B connections use this database. You will get contact number, email id, designation, address, turnover, industry, etc. useful information. Database of business owners from major cities is available in this category.

By using this database, you can establish more connections with company heads and their handlers.

Please find the package details-

Package Type Data Counts Data Cost
Package 1(Min) 1 lakh 8,000 rupees only
Package 2 2 lakh 14,000 rupees only
Package 3(Custom) Any As per counts available

    If you need any other quantity database then contact us for pricing details.