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Bangalore Database

Bangalore is a high-tech city where so many companies are doing business. The population of Bangalore is nearly 1 crore. And out of this population approx 10 lakh people are active on internet. So if you want to target this active audience then you are at right place. We at Data Expo India provide you active and verified database which contains all basic and required information. Bangalore is the capital city of Karnataka. It is the hub of headquarters of many International and National companies. Bangalore Database includes following categories- Bangalore HNIs Database, Bangalore Salaried People Database, Bangalore Professionals Database, Bangalore Engineers Database, Bangalore Car Owners Database, Bangalore Business Owners Database, Bangalore Self Employed People Database, Bangalore Students Database, Bangalore Mobile Users Database, Bangalore WhatsApp Users Database, Bangalore Doctors Database, Bangalore HR Database, Bangalore Sales & Marketing professionals database, etc.

Here are some packages with cost and counts-

Package Name Data Counts Data Cost
Package 1(Min) 25,000 2,300 rupees only
Package 2 50,000 3,300 rupees only
Package 3 1 lakh 6,300 rupees only
Package 4 2 lakh 11,000 rupees only
Package 5(Custom) Any data counts As per data counts