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Mobile Number Database can be proven very effective nowadays as numbers of mobile users are increasing day by day. If we have database of mobile users of any area, city, state or country then we can simply reach them by using Bulk SMS campaigns. There are many SMS campaigns used by companies like Normal SMS Campaigns, Whats App campaigns, Voice Call campaigns, etc.

So by using mobile database we can target a specific audience by applying above mentioned mobile oriented campaigns. We have Mobile Number Database of so many categories like, All India Mobile Users Database, City Mobile Database, HNIs Mobile Database, Doctors Mobile Database, Business Owners Database, Salaried People Mobile Database, etc.

Please find the package details-

Package Type Data Counts Data Cost
Package 1(Min) 1 lakh 5,000 rupees only
Package 2 2 lakh 9,000 rupees only
Package 3 4 lakh 17,000 rupees only
Package 4 8 lakh 30,000 rupees only
Package 5 15 lakh 45,000 rupees only
Package 6(Custom) Any As per counts available

    If you need any other quantity database then contact us for pricing details.