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Mumbai Database

Mumbai city is a big city. It is also called financial capital of our country. A big part of urban population lives in Mumbai alone. And so it has a huge database of people working and doing business here. Many small, medium and big companies are investing here and so the workforce is also engaged in this city. Mumbai Database also includes categories like Mumbai HNIs Database, Mumbai Salaried People Database, Mumbai Car Owners Database, Mumbai Online Shoppers Database, Mumbai Mobile Users Database and Mumbai Business Owners Database.

This database is refined and free from duplicity. Accuracy will be high as compared to other data provider’s database. We work on simple and straight policy so whatever is mentioned here will be applied in our database.

Here are some packages with cost and counts-

Package Name Data Counts Data Cost
Package 1(Min) 25,000 2,500 rupees only
Package 2 50,000 3,500 rupees only
Package 3 1 lakh 6,500 rupees only
Package 4 2 lakh 12,000 rupees only
Package 5(Custom) Any data counts As per data counts